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Loftur frá Blönduósi

IS 2012156499

Father Blær frá Miðsitju

Mother Salka frá Klauf.

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Loftur is after the same mare, as our 2 first prize breeding mares: Kleopatra frá Kommu and Ísafold frá Kommu. Loftur is 144 cm high. He has pace, but we have not used it, only tried it once, when Loftur was 4 years old. He is a very good tölter, with good gallop too ( better than in this video actually), the trot needs a bit more training. He is an excellent candidate for competition. His character is very sweet. Loftur is a calm horse, but still young, will turn 6 years old this summer, so this has to be kept in mind. His will is very good and he loves to please the rider. Loftur is easy to handle in riding. He was born red, is now grey, and will probably turn white. Loftur is a gelding.