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Snörp frá Hestheimum

IS IS2010281502

Father Þytur frá Neðra-Seli

Mother Þota frá Skammbeinsstöðum

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Snörp is a 1st prize mare. Snörp has 8,51 for rideability and 8,22 for conformation, total score: 8,40. She has 9,0 for Pace and Joints, 8,5 for: Tölt, slow Tölt, Trot, Spirit, General Impression, Neck, Shoulders and Proportions. Snörp is a true Queen, very eager and enthusiastic. She has long legs and high shoulders. Snörp went to Gaumur frá Auðholtshjáleiga in Summer 2017 and we are excited to see their foal in Summer 2018.